Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Low Light Urban Landscapes

Here are a few images from the shoot this evening. I didn't take many shots as it was freezing and long exposures can be very time consuming. We went to Clarence Dock (by The Royal Armouries) as I thought it would be the ideal initial location as there are plenty of buildings that had their lights on, the canal for reflections, shops for different coloured light as well as fairy lights on the trees dotted around the canal side for added interest.

Clarence Dock
Taken at F.16, ISO 200, Bulb (67 seconds)

Clarence Dock
Taken at F.16, ISO 200, 20 Seconds

Clarence Dock, Leeds
Taken at F.16, ISO 200, Bulb (61 seconds)

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the results as I don't have any experience taking this sort of image but I found it very difficult not to blow out the highlights on the lighting which is really niggling at me. That being said, I have looked at other photographers images and sometimes it really can't be helped without using multiple exposures or HDR so this is something I would like to try for the next shoot.

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