Friday, 13 February 2009

Low Light: Sites of Interest

I have been having a look at some Night & Low Light and Night Photographers and I found some quite interesting & useful sites that may be of interest to others too.

Andy Frazer's Blog
Andy's Blog contains a wealth of night and low light images taken by numerous photographers using different techniques.
Andy's blog contains links to many other night and low light photographers websites, blogs and flickr pages providing a wealth of links, tutorials and useful information.

Awesome night photographer & light painter. His work is very inspiring and I would really recommend a look!

Cambridge In Colour
A site full of tutorials, hints, tips and information from camera basics to technical data & editing tutorials.
Well worth a look. The night photography sections are quite interesting although you will need some technical knowledge to understand the section.

For more low light photography work, have a look in some of the group pools on Flickr;
UK Night Photography
Night Images
Light Stream
Long Exposure
Light In Motion
Light Painting
Low Light Photography
HDR at Night

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