Friday, 6 February 2009


I haven't really played with textures much and its something that I have been meaning to do for a while now.
I only spent about 15-20 minutes on the first one - I think I spent longer picking the image!
I'm quite pleased with it though as it is so different from most of my images and I will post more as I do them. I really like this effect - it still has elements and a feel of romanticism yet it is quite grungy and aged. I think it makes quite a nice combination. I titled it 'Time Waits for No-One...' as the model is fairly young and the room/set seems to be aging beyond her.

'Time Waits for No-One...'
Time waits for no-one

The second of this series.
This one took slightly longer as the lighting was so different and it was quite tricky to get the texture to sit correctly on the image. I edited the light a little so it was coming more from one side as it gave more of an old candle-lit feel and warmed up the image giving it a less 'grungy' feel than the first. It reminds me of an old renaissance painting a little.


This is the third image of the manipulated set and probably my least favourite, although I'm not quite sure why. It may be because of the lighting and setting, but it feels less romantic than the others (not that its a bad thing). The image was one that I originally rejected from the shoot so I'm actually quite please with how it has turned out. It was very overcast and dull when this was taken and it wasn't raining properly either, but I think its a lot more atmospheric now which has improved the shot quite dramatically. It has a nice sense of tranquility and contemplation to it which is quite relaxing. It also gives the set more variation.

'Lost in a Moment'
Lost in a moment...

The forth and last image (below) is my second favourite in the set. I tried a few variations - black & white, colour and cyanotype, which all worked really well and in the end, I was quite torn between the colour and b&w versions. I decided that the colour had more emotion to it and wasn't so 'cold', the b&w also didn't sit in the set as well as the colour variation. I really like the way that the texture falls, especially on the painting to the right as it looks old and torn. Again, this image has a similar 'aged' feeling to it as the first, but is brighter with harsher contrast giving it a bit more life. The colours are more vivid, making the light from the window brighter. This give the feeling of hope and that outside is far more appetising and desirable than being inside as the room is quite dark and dingy.

'The Grass is Always Greener...'
The Grass is always greener...

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