Sunday, 22 February 2009


HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging is a technique that allows a greater dynamic range of luminancies between the shadows and highlights of a digital image. This creates a more accurate representation of the colours and light produced from direct sunlight to shadowed areas.

The technique uses a minimum of 3 images taken with a different exposure values. The example below of 5 different exposures ranging from -2 ev to +2 ev.

When used with Tone Mapping and bracketed images, the effect is often exaggerated and looks very unnatural.
I am more interested in the natural & subtle result from HDR as I often find that they can look quite garish which isn't quite to my taste and would be less useful in the photographic work that I do.

Using a dedicated HDR program, I produced the image shown below on the right from the images and ev range shown to the left.

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