Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Making Of: A World Of It's Own

Producing this image was quite interesting for me as I have never done anything like this before.

The images that were taken on the shoot to make the final image, although not all of these were used as you can tell from the colours of the sky can be seen on my Flickr page. (For some odd reason, Blogger won't let me embed the file). I have included the photographs from whole shoot to demonstrate how quickly the sky changes, emphasising how important your timing will be if you are producing a low light version as I did. I set my camera up in the centre of the bridge and rotated the camera slightly for each shot.
Unfortunately I didn't have a panoramic head for my tripod so I used a ball head which is why the shots move up and down a little.

The final selected shots were then merged together using a stitching program. There was about 30 images used in this process as I found that using fewer meant that the angles changed too much and they wouldn't align and stitch properly.

The end result was a panorama shot (below) which I then cropped down slightly. Due to the height/angle of the images the sky and ground didn't merge all of the way round. This was also caused by the distortion of the lens that I was using.

Clarence Dock Panorama

The final stage was to warp the image into a planet shape. To do this, I used photoshop and it was the easiest part of the process! Firstly, the image needed to be re-sized (not cropped) into a square and then flipped by 180 degrees. I then simply applied the 'Polar Co-ordinates' filter and ended up with the final shot as a planet.

A World Of It's Own

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