Saturday, 21 February 2009

Skyline & City Scapes

Well, I had arranged to visit Bridgewater Tower last night to take some photographs of the views over Leeds from the hallways on the upper floors. However, when I arrived, they decided to change their minds and wouldn't let me! I was so frustrated...grrrrrr!

Anyway, rather than waste the trip, I thought I would go and ask the Hilton if they would allow me to take some images from the higher floors. They were so helpful and immediately let me up to one of the top rooms on one side of the hotel and a honeymoon suite on the other side of the building!

Taken at F.14, ISO 100, Bulb (13 seconds)

It was a little frustrating as the windows were covered in condensation, limiting the shots but they were so helpful I just didn't care!
The shot above was taken through the small gap in the window as it only opened about 4 inches wide.

Afterwards, I went to one of the multi-story car parks that overlooked the train station for a couple more shots. This was quite awkward as the walls were quite high and I couldn't see through the view finder on my camera so I had to use live view to set the composition and then turn it off to focus correctly. It was a bit of a guessing game but the shots aren't too bad.

Above left: Taken at F.14, ISO 100, Bulb (13 seconds)
Above Right: Taken at F.14, ISO 100, Bulb (13 seconds)

This shoot was quite different from the others as there was so much more street lighting as well as moving objects (hence the car light trails in the images above). Even so, it made a nice change and the exposures didn't need to be as long as those at Clarence Dock.

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