Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Low Light: Traffic Trails

I quite like traffic trail shots, especially ones taken in the middle of nowhere so that you can only just make out the surroundings with a curving trail of light sweeping through.

I'm not really in the right location to take images like that as there is too much light pollution and street lighting in the city and as this project is very experimental, I am trying to make the best use of my time by trying different things rather than traveling to numerous desirable locations.

The long exposures that I have taken capturing light traces are below. Due to the length of the exposure to capture the traces from the cars, the street lighting has become very bright and over whelming which I feel off balances the images.

Both of the above images were taken at F.16, ISO 200, Bulb (15 seconds)

On the way home I thought I would experiment a little more. Josh was driving so I decided to take some long exposures while the car was moving and the result can be seen below.
This shot was quite different because it was the camera that was moving rather than the lights.
I would like to try some more of these with the camera in a fixed and more stable position so that the traces are straight. I think it would look quite good on the motorway capturing the lights from other cars rather than buildings.

Taken at F.8, ISO 200, exp. 2 seconds

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