Thursday, 19 February 2009

Glow Sticks

Taken at F.5.6, ISO 200, Bulb (63 seconds)

While experementing with different types of light, I decided to try glow sticks as I thought they would make a nice change from torches.
I really wasn't sure if these would be bright enough for the camera to pick up so I tried two different sorts.

The image above was taken using 4 very thin glowsticks - the ones that can be made into bracelts etc. Although the camera did pick up the light, they could only be moved very slowly and the exposure had to be quite long. I also had to increase the ISO to pick up the light better.

Above Left Taken at F.5.6, ISO 200, Bulb (47 seconds)
Above Right Taken at F.5.6, ISO 200, Bulb (43 seconds)

For the two images above picturing green light trails, I used a shorter glowstick that was much thicker and brighter than the previous ones.

The camera picked these trails up a lot better than before and the exposure was much shorter. Had I only made one shape rather than numerous circles, the exposure could have been even shorter. These glow sticks were so bright, they lit other objects in the room ( you can see a plant and the door frame in the image on the right) so I am hoping they will be bright enough to use outside with a similar technique that I am hoping to try...

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