Friday, 13 February 2009

Painting with Light: Silhouettes

I've been looking at other people's photographs of light painting and some of them are amazing!
Take a look at Poole-shooter Cindi's photostream on Flickr.
I just don't understand how they do them. Others are done with a 'light wand'. This is in effect, a strip of metal or wood with LED's attached so that they all move at the same time. I don't have all the bits needed to make one so I made a cheap version...

I have 2 wind-up torches, each with 3 LED bulbs in them. I taped the 2 torches together (side by side so the lights ran in a line) and then took some black electrical tape and covered over the centre bulb on each making the lights more evenly spread and splitting the beams. I have a load of coloured plastic (its a filter sample book) and I cut strips out and taped them over the bulbs that were showing.

Josh stood in the cenre of the room and I set my camera to 'bulb' and used a remote trigger to lock the shutter down. I then moved the torch back and forth behind him to get the effect below...

Painting with Light Shilouette

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